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Julia Fersten - Notariusz / Notary

I am graduate from the faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw.

I also completed a two year diploma course in English and EU law „The British Law Centre Diploma Course”, organised by the British Law Centre at the faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw, which is a joint academic venture between the University of Warsaw, an English educational charity Juris Angliae Scientia Ltd and the University of Cambridge. I received the diploma for completing the abovementioned course in 2003.

I did my notarial training in Warsaw Chamber of Civil Law Notaries. I have been practicing as a civil law notary continuously since 2009. In the years 2009 – 2017 I was a partner at Notarial Office Jarosław Pluta – Notary Julia Fersten – Notary professional partnership in Piaseczno. At present I am running an individual notarial office in Warsaw.

In the years 2013 and 2014 I was a member of Examination Committee for notarial training by the Ministry of Justice with its seat in Warsaw.

In the years 2014 and 2015 I was giving classes for notarial trainees in Warsaw Chamber of Civil Law Notaries.

My favourite areas of law are: company law, inheritance law, property law and obligations.

Julia Fersten - Notariusz / Notary


According to the Polish Notary Public Act as of February 14th 1991 notarial actions include:

  • Notarial deeds
  • Succession certificates
  • European succession certificates
  • Certification of signature
  • Certified copies and extracts of documents
  • Date certification
  • Life certificates and certification of residency in a given place
  • Notarial delivery of statements
  • Minutes
  • Protests of loan notes and cheques
  • Notarial deposits (money, documents and data on data storage devices)
  • Copies, extracts and excerpts of documents
  • Drafts of notarial deeds, statements and other documents
  • Filing motions to the land and mortgage register


Notarial fees are regulated by Ministry of Justice Regulation as of June 28th 2004 regarding the maximum rates of notarial fee. Notarial fees shall be increased by 23% VAT.

Polish notaries also collect taxes and fees due on notarial deeds:

  • tax on civil law transactions,
  • tax on inheritance and donations
  • court fee
and transfer them to bank accounts of relevant public institutions.

Please feel free to contact us to determine the amount of fees associated with a particular notarial action.

Polish notaries are obliged to provide the clients with unpaid information and explanations concerning notarial actions.



In international legal affairs credibility of official documents is certified in one of the following alternative procedures, regulated by separate laws and regulations:

  • legalisation
  • apostille
  • certification of a document by operation of law

Legalisation is an official certification of documents provided by authorities of the state in which the document have been executed and by diplomatic representations or consular offices of the state in which the document will be used.

The requirement of diplomatic or consular legalisation for foreign public documents was abolished by convention concluded 5 October 1961 in Hague („Convention”), which applies to public documents which have been executed in the territory of one Contracting State and which have to be produced in the territory of another Contracting State.

Poland has been a signatory of Convention since 14 August 2005.

Current list of States that are parties to the Hague Convention is available here:

For the purposes of the Convention, the following are deemed to be public documents:

  • documents emanating from an authority or an official connected with the courts or tribunals of the State, including those emanating from a public prosecutor, a clerk of a court or a process-server ("huissier de justice");
  • administrative documents;
  • notarial acts;
  • official certificates which are placed on documents signed by persons in their private capacity, such as official certificates recording the registration of a document or the fact that it was in existence on a certain date and official and notarial authentications of signatures.

However, the present Convention shall not apply:

  • to documents executed by diplomatic or consular agents;
  • to administrative documents dealing directly with commercial or customs operations.

According to the Convention the only formality that may be required in order to certify the authenticity of the signature, the capacity in which the person signing the document has acted and, where appropriate, the identity of the seal or stamp which it bears, is the addition of apostille, issued by the competent authority of the State from which the document emanates.

The abovementioned certificate (apostille) shall be issued at the request of the person who has signed the document or of any bearer.

However, apostille cannot be required when either the laws, regulations, or practice in force in the State where the document is produced or an agreement between two or more Contracting States have abolished or simplified it, or exempt the document itself from legalization (certification of a document by operation of law).

In Poland apostille shall be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Detailed descripiton of a procedure of issuing apostille, including application form, is available at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs web page:



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